Weekly Weigh In #4 and #5

Weekly Weigh In #4 results shown using Withings Body Cardio scale

Weekly Weigh In #5 Results shown using Withings Body Cardio scale

SW: 255.7 lbs CW: 249.2 lbs Total Lost – 6.5 lbs

I made a decision week #4 to change my at home weigh in to Tuesday mornings from Monday mornings. The reason I decided to make this change is because on the weekends I indulge more than I do during the week. I save my weekly WW points for extra on the weekends. I restrict my food intake during the week and make sure I do my activity and reach my water intake goal. On the weekends I like to relax and enjoy my time with my family. What I was finding is that I would still be “bloated” on Monday mornings when I would do my at home weigh in and I would get disappointed and discouraged. Making the change to Tuesday mornings has resolved this issue for me 🙂 I am still attending WW meetings on Monday evenings.

This is NOT a diet for me. I am learning to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. I am making healthier food options, tracking my intake in my WW app as well as a journal. I am finding keeping a food journal as well as adding some thoughts about the day is helping to keep me focused and will be great to look back on for encouragement & reflection.

I am gradually increasing my activity. Exercising is slowly becoming a habit and a bit easier than the first couple of weeks.

I am happy & excited to be getting closer to the -10 lbs mark!

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