Weekly Weigh In #1

Starting Weight using Withings Body Cardio scale
Weekly Weigh In #1 on Withings Body Cardio scale

SW: 255.7 CW: 254 Total Lost: -1.7 lbs

I lost this week but had hoped to lose more for my 1st week. I am happy that this loss is right on target with my goal of -1.5 lbs/week. Having my weekly weigh ins on Mondays is challenging as weekends are difficult for me. I had failed to plan to eat well this weekend with traveling to visit my mom, family & friends. There was also some emotional eating after attending a funeral visitation on Sunday stirring up emotions from my dad’s passing on October 6, 2018 🙁

This coming week my goal is continue tracking and do some activity 6 days/week.

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays: 30 mins walking

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays: gym with my son

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