A New Beginning

It is the beginning of a new year, new promise, new goals and new resolutions.  Every year I make the same health & weight loss resolutions but end up trying and failing several times throughout the year.   I end each year disappointed in myself and lack of success.  I want to put an end to this vicious cycle.  I want to succeed and feel confident.

I have struggled with my weight since high school.  I had prior success with weight loss & fitness from 2010-2012.  During that time I was blogging, vlogging, posting on social media and utilizing the support, motivation and tips from the Weight Loss Community to give me strength.  I decided to try blogging again.  It provides an outlet to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout your weight loss journey and beyond.  Essentially an online journal that is visible to the world!  It is scary to put myself out there but I have learned it can also be rewarding.

My dad recently passed on October 6, 2018.  It was sudden shock to my family.  On Wednesday August 22, 2018 his spleen burst while at work.  We almost lost him that night.  In the few days that followed, we learned that he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  After recovery and stabilization from surgery he was transferred to another hospital for treatment.  He was given a 85% chance of remission.  We were hopeful he would beat the disease.  My family spent the following weeks in the hospital at his bedside providing and supporting him.  After 1 week of intense chemotherapy and couple weeks of recovery,  he was doing better.  He had developed pneumonia and several other complications.  On Tuesday October 2, 2018 we received the devastating news that the chemotherapy did not work and through the bone marrow biopsy it showed the cancer cells were at 60%.  The next few days were a nightmare as dad’s pneumonia got worse and he required an oxygen machine to breathe.  My family and I had to have some difficult conversations and make decisions.  Dad passed on Saturday morning October 6, 2018.  His departure from this world has left a huge void in the hearts of my family.  Since his passing, I have thought a lot of my health.  I don’t want to be the next person in my family to become sick and end up in the hospital.  Through my grief, I have used food as a way to cope and deal with my emotions.  I don’t want to continue down this path.  I want to live a happy & healthy life with the strength of my dad watching over me from above.  He would want this for me.

My goal is to achieve my 100 lb weight loss in 2 years by January 1, 2021.  I want to lose 60 lbs in 2019 and 40 lbs in 2020.  I have a goal of losing 40 lbs by August 28, 2019 my 15th wedding anniversary.

I have decided to return to WW meetings and following the program.  I find the meetings help to hold me accountable and provide the motivation and support I need as you are in a room of other people with similar goals and challenges.  My meetings and weigh in day will be on Monday evenings.

I plan to go to a local gym with my 13 year old son Conner 3x/week.  He will hold me accountable to this goal and this gives us an opportunity to do something together as mother & son.

I am hopeful and excited to begin this journey 🙂

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